11 February, 2015

Preview The LONESUM - "Liz" Now!

Although The Saturn III are more obvious fans, everyone here at DeaFM Records is pretty unanimous in our love for Electric Wizard and more specifically, the dirty down-tuned magic emanating from the axe of Liz Buckingham. Well, leave it to The Lone Sum to turn that love into a song. How’s that for magic…?Listen to “Liz”, the last track from “Love In Veins" now and don’t forget to download the whole EP on Valentine’s Day!

05 February, 2015

Preview The LONESUM - "Mary (She's A Marvel) Now!"

The Lone Sum will release “Love In Veins" in less than ten days. Listen to the third track now via SoundCloud! It’s another upbeat ode to a marvelous comic book heroine, this time with classic Rockabilly style.