17 April, 2012

Great Googly Moogly!

Howdy, Folks!

Do you like blood... violence... freaks of nature? Well, hot-damn... Who doesn't?!

Welcome to DeaFM Record Co.'s new-fangled, scar-spangled "Blog O' Biff! Bang! Pow!", where you'll find the latest, most comprehensive collection of musings ever compiled in regard to the fine artists we've manufactured here, in our secret underground lab. (Hooray, loquacity!)

This here Rock 'n' Roll record label specializes in only the finest madness and mayhem, from Blues and Doom to Garage Punk and Shoegaze... We've even dabbled in Hip-Hop (and we're of [un]sound mind to prove it), because we're in it for the Art, Friends. We're in it for family.

... So like-minded maniacs, lend us your ears... We shall fill them with fuzz and melodic debris. We're not built for radio or 'fit' for TV. We're engineered for your stereo to make 'discerning' ears bleed.