14 January, 2014

The Lone Sum - "Vol. I"
Available Now!

It Rocks! It Rolls! It’s riffy and drenched in reverb. It begins with Garage Punk, then shifts into Funk! It’s Lo-Fi and primed to blow your mind! You’ve heard “Vol. II”, now hear this! The countdown is over… Get your digital copy today!

05 January, 2014

What Went Down In 2013, What's Up In 2014

Phweew! We’ve officially made it through the first week of a New Year, not to mention the year that preceded it, and Boy… What a year it was!

In 2013, DeaFM Records released an LP, three EPs, five singles and a handful of covers, mixing Stoner/Doom, Garage Punk, Psych-Funk and a whole lot more into one dirty Desert Rock stew. If you haven’t heard this wild assortment, navigate over to DeaFM Records Bandcamp, crank some tunes, snag a t-shirt and snap up one of our limited, colored Artist Edition CDs. Furthermore, follow DeaFM Records here on Tumblr and Twitter (@DeaFMRecords) to stay keen on what’s in store.

What’s In Store in 2-0-1-4! (That was quick…): Full-length LPs from The Lone Sum (@TheLoneSum), The Dead Gear (@TheDeadGear), and perhaps the long-awaited double LP from The Rainbow’s Beard (@RainbowsBeard)… Plus, exciting EPs from The Saturn III (@TheSaturnIII) and The 45 Syndicate(@The45Syndicate) along with another sweet stack of digital singles from your favorite DeaFM artists as well as our weirdest and dearest friends. It oughta’ be a good’n, Folks. You’d better stay tuned!