12 February, 2013

The Thegns Of Io. - "Medieval Moon"
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Available now!

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The Thegns Of Io. - “Medieval Moon”

Outer Space is a pretty strange place... But we're here to tell you, that ain't a bad thing. About seven years ago, a pair of robotic aliens crash landed in the desert. They had gotten lost somewhere over LA, thought they were in Spain, then stopped by DeaFM HQ to ask for directions. Little did they know that their course was about to change as they would abandon their mission and begin an earnest hunt for the Blues. The rest, as they say, is history... Or it would be if we weren't recording their experiments the entire time. That's what you can expect from "Medieval Moon" psychedelic experiments from a couple of outsiders attempting to understand their sonic surroundings. It's simultaneously over-the-top and under-the-radar, but all around enjoyable albeit a bit short-lived. Then again, you never hear stories about visitors from another world sticking around very long, so with that said, prepare to hear a tale from beyond and expect to want much more.