03 September, 2012

The 45 Syndicate - "Lum's Love Song" [Single]
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Late last night, a group of shadowy figures arrived at the doorstep of DeaFM HQ. This group, known only as The 45 Syndicate, promptly invited themselves inside, where they immediately began preparing the label’s subterranean studio for tracking new material.

Their actions were characteristically performed with nary a spoken word. Instead, they merely nodded, shot glances, and pointed out minimal instruction, before grasping instruments and beginning to play. Uncharacteristically, however, they chose to lay down a love song. Then - just as suddenly as they arrived - they were gone, leaving behind no evidence of existence beyond the lingering tones of one truly catchy tune. The resulting recording (originally composed by Kobayashi Izumi and performed by Yuuko Matsutani) is a raucous homage to a lovely, yet unattainable girl (She’s animated — As in “cartoon”, not “lively”. Although she’s certainly that as well.) and while the original is sung from her perspective, this unique rendition reverses roles to create an instrumental mating call for a fictional femme-fatale.

To hear for yourself, just navigate over to the Syndicate-operated Bandcamp, but prepare to spend the rest of your day attempting to extract the diddy from your dome (It may as well be mind control). As for the Syndicate, we may never know when they'll surface again. Though, one thing's for certain... They always leave their mark.