21 December, 2016

Full Length LP By The Saturn III Available Now!

Physical-only full-length, album featuring fan favorites from all three EPs, plus three brand new tracks unique to this release. Limited to 33 copies, "pressed" on GREEN plastic and housed in a triangular sleeve, which includes exclusive mini-poster illustrated by Wesley "Gori" Griffith.

30 November, 2016

Watch The Saturn III - "Clowns + Capsules" Now!

The full-length LP by The Saturn III arrives next month and we've got one last video to share beforehand! Originally heard on the "Trio de Force" EP “Clowns + Capsules“ burns hotter than gasoline and hits harder than a motorcycle wreck. Watch now and get hyped for new music next month.

03 November, 2016

Watch The Saturn III - "Tokyo Colossus" Now!

On Halloween, we tweeted a previously unreleased treat for all of you strange beasts - a killer clip of kaiju chaos to the tune of "Tokyo Colossus" by The Saturn III!

On this day in 1954, the biggest baddest beast was released upon the East and earlier this year, he returned to the silver screen. We're writing, of course, about (Shin) Gojira! ... So in celebration, enjoy the monster riffs and moving pictures from one of our favorite giant creature features. Turn it up loud, share it around and shake your city to the ground.

30 September, 2016

Watch The Saturn III - "Dementia 5" Now!

The Saturn III have a new LP to release in December and they’ve got a new video to share now! “Dementia 5“ is a fan favorite of Psychedelic Space-Age Surrealism. Watch and let your mind wander to another world…

12 September, 2016

The 45 Syndicate - "Blue Flower / Big Fire" [Single]
Available Now!

This past weekend, while you were otherwise distracted, our favorite villains The 45 Syndicate sneaked out a new digital single. Listen to the B-Side now, then navigate over to Bandcamp to download both tracks before they self-destruct… If Surf is dead, it’s because the Syndicate just killed it.

11 June, 2016

The Rainbow's Beard Live!
Tomorrow Night!

$5 • 7:00PM

If you never saw The Rainbow’s Beard in their heyday, tomorrow night may be your only chance. Don’t miss the mayhem!

01 April, 2016

Happy Fools Day!

It’s time again for our annual April Fools Day sale!

As always, the joke’s on us… Download all digital EPs & LPs for just a buck and pay what you want for all digital singles at http://deafmrecords.bandcamp.com

29 February, 2016

01 January, 2016

What Went Down In 2015 and What's Up In 2016...

Happy New Year, all you freaks and weirdos!

In 2015, DeaFM Records released a double LP: “Then Again” the two-disc deluxe debut retrospective of The Rainbow’s Beard, two EPs: “Love In Veins“ by The Lone Sum and “Threedom“ by The Saturn III, along with a whole mess of covers by all three groups. If you haven’t heard any of that noise, navigate over to Bandcamp and dig them grooves, then share ‘em around.

We’re looking forward to another year, here at our desert HQ… Expect more from The Lone Sum, perhaps a return from The Dead Gear or the mysterious 45 Syndicate, and although rumor has it that The Saturn III may have finally been swallowed by that black hole they were exploring, we might just have a transmission from them to share here and there.

Stay tuned. Rave on.