30 November, 2014

The Dead Gear
"Guillotine" & "Ripping Through The Door" Singles
Available Now!

More new-old music from The Dead Gear has arrived! This time, the tunes are a pair of killer covers by artists with which the Gear once (or twice) shared a stage.

The first, “Guillotine”, is a heavy blues number written by folk duo Dakota & The Black River Bandit. While the original was performed as an acoustic romp, The Dead Gear have electrified the whole shebang, delivering a high-velocity homage that oughta’ knock your head off.

Following that is a shout-along straight from the desert scene out of which the Dead Gear emerged. Originally written by the ever-evolving “TJ & Chad Duo” (as they were only briefly known), “Ripping Through The Door" twists, turns and burns so hot you may just come unhinged.

Since we released these tasty treats on Thanksgiving and you were likely face deep in food, here’s your ‘heads up’. Download the two tracks now via Bandcamp and enjoy the November noise.

12 November, 2014

The Dead Gear's Self-Titled Debut
Avalaible Now!

Did you miss the drop yesterday...?  The self-titled debut of The Dead Gear is available now!

Originally demoed in late '08, physical copies of which were released in strictly limited quantity at a private concert for close family and friends. Some remaining copies were later given to various artists and producers (with little to no response), before the project was eventually buried and the duo disappeared. Now, back from the grave, these lost refrains have been dug up, dusted off and re-tracked for official exhibition.

Presented here as close to the initial black 'n' white vision as possible, these eight original songs hit harder and ring louder than any preceding demos and deliver a treat for not only those who witnessed the magic way back when, but also those who likely never will.

As was said then and more appropriately now, "The Gear is dead... Long live The Dead Gear!"

Download the digital album now and keep an ear to the ground for news of physical copies and other goodies, coming very soon.