21 November, 2015

The Rainbow's Beard - "Ghoulish Dream..."
Prints & T-Shirts Available Now!

The Rainbow’s Beard’s video for “Ghoulish Dream, Beautiful Nightmare“ has reached 350 views on YouTube! To celebrate, we’ve added a wicked new Art Print/T-Shirt design by Wesley “Don’t. Ever. Stop.“ Griffith. Get yours now and don’t forget to order up some tunes while you’re at it!

11 November, 2015

The Lone Sum - "Love In Veins" [EP]
Limited Artist Edition CDs
Available Now!

Happy Singles Day, Everybody!

In celebration of this sort of “inverse Valentine’s Day”, we’re celebrating with The Lone Sum and the physical release of their Valentine’s Day EP, “Love In Veins“ (released digitally earlier this year). CDs come housed in a 2-panel slip-sleeve and include an additional bonus track: fan favorite, “The Ballad Of Beauty & The Lost Boy” (not available on any other physical release). If you haven’t snapped these tracks up, then get ‘em now and while you’re at it… How about a brand spanking new single just for the occasion?

The Lone Sum have recorded a raw rendition of “Looking At You“, originally written by garage godfathers, The MC5 and while it’s tough to get as gritty as the original, this version sure packs a wallop. Clocking in at just 2:22 and dialed up to “double-11s”, this track oughta’ have you singin’ along and pressin’ repeat ‘til the day is done.

... And if you’re the type to wear emotion on your sleeve or your favorite lo-fi Rock ‘n’ Rollers on your chest, we’ve added a fresh new t-shirt design to our merch store. It’s 11:11 on 11/11 and the Lone Sum is ”Still no.ONE”!



10 November, 2015

The Rainbow's Beard - "Kids With Guns"

Listen to “Kids With Guns“ by The Rainbow’s Beard (written by Gorilaz)…

… Otherwise available only via download code, printed inside wrappers on custom Rainbow’s Beard bubblegum, included with copies of “Then Again”.