27 July, 2014

The Lone Sum - "The Ballad Of Beauty & The Lost Boy" [Single]
"Born Lo-Fi" T-Shirt
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Last night, The Lone Sum leveled the Record Room. Now, let them level your living room (or bedroom, or study… wherever you crank your tunes) with a brand new song! Debuted live during yesterday’s Record Room show, “The Ballad Of Beauty & The Lost Boy" asks the question, "What if Alice encountered the Lost Boys and they pursued her like a white rabbit from Neverland to Wonderland?" … Or something like that. Originally released as a VERY limited single and Birthday gift for a friend, this loud love song is now available to you! Download it now via Bandcamp.

While you’re at it… Order up a brand new Lone Sum t-shirt and rep some Lo-Fi loyalty.

14 July, 2014

The Saturn III - "AKIIIRA" T-Shirt
"Spaced Out/The Solar Swivel" [Single]
Available Now!

Just over three months ago, The Saturn III released a killer new EP full of fuzzed out grooves about robot love, robot spies and uh… the post-apocalyptic turf war in “AKIRA”. Since it’s essentially an undisputed truth that “AKIRA” is the greatest feature-length Anime of all time, we decided to whip up a little t-shirt design in tribute to the timeless classic. Get it now along with a free digital copy of “Trio De Force”, featuring “Clowns + Capsules”.

While we’re on the subject of “undisputed truths”… Last night, just before morning, The Saturn III seem to have sneaked out a new single. It’s a cover of none other that THE Undisputed Truth as well as a nod to everyone’s favorite family of the future. Download it now before you’re “Spaced Out”, and let’s do “The Solar Swivel”!