14 February, 2014

The Lone Sum - "A Certain Girl" [Single]
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Hey, hey! It’s Valentine’s Day!

Many of us have undoubtedly got that certain someone in mind today, even if we haven’t quite gotten them yet. With that in mind, The Lone Sum have offered up a little love-laced treat for the occasion… A killer cover of Naomi Neville’s “A Certain Girl”, originally performed by Ernie K-Doe and later updated by the first Yardbirds lineup. It’s a quick hit of upbeat Garage Punk Love that oughta’ be catchy enough for cupid, so get it here and then get her attention!

01 February, 2014

One & Dunne - "Bridgeport Boogie" [Single]
Available Now!

Shucks-howdy! 2014 may be well underway, but the Lunar New Year has just begun!

In festive spirit, we’ve released a brand new single, performed in part by our good pal, Mike E. Dunne (on the drums) along with our very own chief lunatic (and guitar slinger), the devious Danny • Duoshade… “Bridgeport Boogie” is a noisy instrumental, entirely improvised and recorded live. It’s riffy and loud, and it’s escaped the basement from whence it came, so download it now and let it rattle your brain!

Need a bit more…? Hear this and other songs from the session in “Get Home Safe”, a short film by Weirdo Supreme, Col. Wesley J. Griffith XVII.

Waitaminute, now… ‘Cause that’s not all.

We’ve reached a new year and furthermore, tomorrow marks a new month. Since that month is just a tad shorter than the others (and a little self-conscious about it), we’re shavin’ a tad off of prices on select digital albums in the DeaFM Shop. Be aware that we may never do this again, so if you’re feelin’ a little short on cash but you need some fresh new jams, now is the “limited time” the act. Get ‘em cheap while you can!