30 September, 2013

"Shotguns Songs"
Limited Artist Edition Available Now!

While seemingly everyone else spent yesterday predicting and/or watching the series finale of "Breaking Bad", we here at DeaFM were up to our crazy tricks...

This time last month, we released "Shotgun Songs": a collection of improvisational instrumentals. Now, for those who like a little Art with their Music, we're offering up that wild collection in physical form, on bright RED plastic, with accompanying illustrations by our weird and dear friend Wesley Griffith

Though we won't disclose how many of these gems were "pressed", we will tell you that there certainly aren't many, so get one now in case of emergency. You never know when you may need to lock and load.

21 September, 2013

The Lone Sum - "Summer/Oh, Well..." [Single]
Available Now!

Today marks the last day of Summer. Oh, Well… The Lone Sum captured it on record, so you can replay it over and over.