30 November, 2016

Watch The Saturn III - "Clowns + Capsules" Now!

The full-length LP by The Saturn III arrives next month and we've got one last video to share beforehand! Originally heard on the "Trio de Force" EP “Clowns + Capsules“ burns hotter than gasoline and hits harder than a motorcycle wreck. Watch now and get hyped for new music next month.

03 November, 2016

Watch The Saturn III - "Tokyo Colossus" Now!

On Halloween, we tweeted a previously unreleased treat for all of you strange beasts - a killer clip of kaiju chaos to the tune of "Tokyo Colossus" by The Saturn III!

On this day in 1954, the biggest baddest beast was released upon the East and earlier this year, he returned to the silver screen. We're writing, of course, about (Shin) Gojira! ... So in celebration, enjoy the monster riffs and moving pictures from one of our favorite giant creature features. Turn it up loud, share it around and shake your city to the ground.