28 December, 2014

The Dead Gear's Self-Titled Debut
Limited Artist Editions & "Gearhead Packages"
Available Now!

Strictly limited quantities of The Dead Gear’s self titled debut are available now and you can get your copy in an even more limited "Gearhead" package!

Here’s the skinny:

This definitive package for die-hard Dead Gear fans includes the self-titled debut along with original demos and a t-shirt (which were previously unavailable outside of close family and friends), plus a ‘seven-day’ devotional candle and bonus single with alternate tracks exclusive to this package.

These won’t last long, so join the club while you can!

13 December, 2014

The Saturn III - "Trio de Force" [EP]
Limited Artist Edition Available Now!
"Sunny Cellophane Veils Of Melancholy" [Single]

Desert rats and astronauts, heed the call!

"Trio de Force" by The Saturn III has entered our physical realm. Like the triple-shot of terror which preceded it, the band's sophomore EP is now available in a strictly limited quantity of only 33 copies and this time, the discs are RED as a robotic eye.

As if that weren't enough, the group has also offered up one more killer cover to rattle your ears before the year is out. Though it may seem a strange selection, "Sunny Cellophane Veils Of Melancholy" is actually an amalgamation of two psychedelic nuggets penned by The Status Quo in 1968 (before they traded their paisley pop for denim and distortion) and in standard 'S-III' fashion, the songs have been re-imagined and stitched together, illustrating a much darker reflection on death in the outer limits of one's own psyche. Download it now and reach for the sky or perhaps, discover what awaits on the other side.

30 November, 2014

The Dead Gear
"Guillotine" & "Ripping Through The Door" Singles
Available Now!

More new-old music from The Dead Gear has arrived! This time, the tunes are a pair of killer covers by artists with which the Gear once (or twice) shared a stage.

The first, “Guillotine”, is a heavy blues number written by folk duo Dakota & The Black River Bandit. While the original was performed as an acoustic romp, The Dead Gear have electrified the whole shebang, delivering a high-velocity homage that oughta’ knock your head off.

Following that is a shout-along straight from the desert scene out of which the Dead Gear emerged. Originally written by the ever-evolving “TJ & Chad Duo” (as they were only briefly known), “Ripping Through The Door" twists, turns and burns so hot you may just come unhinged.

Since we released these tasty treats on Thanksgiving and you were likely face deep in food, here’s your ‘heads up’. Download the two tracks now via Bandcamp and enjoy the November noise.

12 November, 2014

The Dead Gear's Self-Titled Debut
Avalaible Now!

Did you miss the drop yesterday...?  The self-titled debut of The Dead Gear is available now!

Originally demoed in late '08, physical copies of which were released in strictly limited quantity at a private concert for close family and friends. Some remaining copies were later given to various artists and producers (with little to no response), before the project was eventually buried and the duo disappeared. Now, back from the grave, these lost refrains have been dug up, dusted off and re-tracked for official exhibition.

Presented here as close to the initial black 'n' white vision as possible, these eight original songs hit harder and ring louder than any preceding demos and deliver a treat for not only those who witnessed the magic way back when, but also those who likely never will.

As was said then and more appropriately now, "The Gear is dead... Long live The Dead Gear!"

Download the digital album now and keep an ear to the ground for news of physical copies and other goodies, coming very soon.

13 October, 2014

The Saturn III - "Rising Son" [Single]
Available Now!

Just in time for Halloween, The Saturn III have transmitted another tasty treat for your ears. Donning masks of another titan of the genre, our trio have kicked out a killer cover of Clutch’s deep-cut banger “Rising Son”, and in standard Saturn fashion, this tribute is clearly distinguishable from the original without losing any of its underlying essence. Highlighting the chorus, “Gravity is such a drag and we will not obey!”, the band holds true that sentiment as they continue to careen through outer space toward certain oblivion… So put your ear against the floor and hear a classic as you haven’t before.

04 October, 2014

The Dead Gear Release Teaser!

For those of you who may not follow us or our roster on twitter, The Dead Gear recently posted a mysterious image.

In appropriate black 'n' white, it reads "11|11" above "2014", teasing what is likely to be the most exciting DeaFM Records release of the year. Stay tuned for more details as they're revealed!

27 July, 2014

The Lone Sum - "The Ballad Of Beauty & The Lost Boy" [Single]
"Born Lo-Fi" T-Shirt
Available Now!

Last night, The Lone Sum leveled the Record Room. Now, let them level your living room (or bedroom, or study… wherever you crank your tunes) with a brand new song! Debuted live during yesterday’s Record Room show, “The Ballad Of Beauty & The Lost Boy" asks the question, "What if Alice encountered the Lost Boys and they pursued her like a white rabbit from Neverland to Wonderland?" … Or something like that. Originally released as a VERY limited single and Birthday gift for a friend, this loud love song is now available to you! Download it now via Bandcamp.

While you’re at it… Order up a brand new Lone Sum t-shirt and rep some Lo-Fi loyalty.

14 July, 2014

The Saturn III - "AKIIIRA" T-Shirt
"Spaced Out/The Solar Swivel" [Single]
Available Now!

Just over three months ago, The Saturn III released a killer new EP full of fuzzed out grooves about robot love, robot spies and uh… the post-apocalyptic turf war in “AKIRA”. Since it’s essentially an undisputed truth that “AKIRA” is the greatest feature-length Anime of all time, we decided to whip up a little t-shirt design in tribute to the timeless classic. Get it now along with a free digital copy of “Trio De Force”, featuring “Clowns + Capsules”.

While we’re on the subject of “undisputed truths”… Last night, just before morning, The Saturn III seem to have sneaked out a new single. It’s a cover of none other that THE Undisputed Truth as well as a nod to everyone’s favorite family of the future. Download it now before you’re “Spaced Out”, and let’s do “The Solar Swivel”!

18 June, 2014

The Lone Sum - "Lolita" [Single]
Available Now!

For those of you keeping score at home, seductive songbird Lana Del Rey dropped a new record yesterday. In homage to the lovely lady (who you either hate to love or love to hate), The Lone Sum decided to sneak out a killer cover of their favorite Lana track, “Lolita”. It’s dirty, drenched in reverb and mostly in tune - essentially, the opposite of the original - so If you like your Pop with Punk in it and/or Rock from the Garage, then give a listen. If not, go buy “Ultraviolence”. It’s pretty great. (Hi, Interscope. Please, don’t sue us.)

05 May, 2014

The 45 Syndicate - "Ransom" [EP]
Available Now!

They arrived at HQ without warning... Then set up their gear and got straight to work. They had devised a weapon of infectious rhythm and monstrous melody. Of course, they were gone as quickly as they had appeared, leaving behind a ticking surprise for the unsuspecting target: You. You will bob, you will shake, and you will fall victim. Although the band remains as elusive as ever, the explosive sound of The 45 Syndicate has been captured once again and it is more volatile and addictive than before. They have issued the Ransom and now, it is your job to comply. Buy... or die.

01 May, 2014

The LONESUM - "Vol. I/Vol. II" [LP/EP]
Limited Edition 2 CD Set Available Now!

Last week, The LONESUM decimated the Record Room. In their bag of tricks, they brought along a few very Limited Edition CD Sets for the intimate and excited crowd. After a killer a performance, the "Leftover Drive" is now available to you! That's right... Even if you missed out on the LONESUM live, you can still bring 'em back to your room, so get 'em while their hot and get in the groove.

21 April, 2014

The LONESUM... Live! (April 26th)

Saturday, April 26th
Live at The Record Room
With opening support from The Desert Beats
Plus, a show exclusive CD!
Be there.

31 March, 2014

The Saturn III - "Trio De Force [EP]"
Available Now!

Don’t be a Clown… Break out the Capsules and dive into the Nyborg. It’s time to embrace the cosmos and look the Void straight in its glowing red eye. The latest from The Saturn III is a terrifying force of nature. It’s a full-blown, fuzzed out ride. So buy your ticket, and buckle up for a triple shot of true sonic stimulation.

21 March, 2014

The LONESUM... Live! (Apr. 19)

In a little less than a month…

Featuring Music by the LONESUM!
April 19th, 2014 11:00-5:00PM
Fear Farm - PHX, AZ

13 March, 2014

Preview The Saturn III - "Clowns + Capsules" Now!

Today, only 1 thing is certain… Track 2 of The Saturn III's latest opus has been unveiled from behind the curtain. It's certified “Good for health”, but “Bad for education.” What's better…? There's more where this came from, so stay patient.

14 February, 2014

The Lone Sum - "A Certain Girl" [Single]
Available Now!

Hey, hey! It’s Valentine’s Day!

Many of us have undoubtedly got that certain someone in mind today, even if we haven’t quite gotten them yet. With that in mind, The Lone Sum have offered up a little love-laced treat for the occasion… A killer cover of Naomi Neville’s “A Certain Girl”, originally performed by Ernie K-Doe and later updated by the first Yardbirds lineup. It’s a quick hit of upbeat Garage Punk Love that oughta’ be catchy enough for cupid, so get it here and then get her attention!

01 February, 2014

One & Dunne - "Bridgeport Boogie" [Single]
Available Now!

Shucks-howdy! 2014 may be well underway, but the Lunar New Year has just begun!

In festive spirit, we’ve released a brand new single, performed in part by our good pal, Mike E. Dunne (on the drums) along with our very own chief lunatic (and guitar slinger), the devious Danny • Duoshade… “Bridgeport Boogie” is a noisy instrumental, entirely improvised and recorded live. It’s riffy and loud, and it’s escaped the basement from whence it came, so download it now and let it rattle your brain!

Need a bit more…? Hear this and other songs from the session in “Get Home Safe”, a short film by Weirdo Supreme, Col. Wesley J. Griffith XVII.

Waitaminute, now… ‘Cause that’s not all.

We’ve reached a new year and furthermore, tomorrow marks a new month. Since that month is just a tad shorter than the others (and a little self-conscious about it), we’re shavin’ a tad off of prices on select digital albums in the DeaFM Shop. Be aware that we may never do this again, so if you’re feelin’ a little short on cash but you need some fresh new jams, now is the “limited time” the act. Get ‘em cheap while you can!

14 January, 2014

The Lone Sum - "Vol. I"
Available Now!

It Rocks! It Rolls! It’s riffy and drenched in reverb. It begins with Garage Punk, then shifts into Funk! It’s Lo-Fi and primed to blow your mind! You’ve heard “Vol. II”, now hear this! The countdown is over… Get your digital copy today!

05 January, 2014

What Went Down In 2013, What's Up In 2014

Phweew! We’ve officially made it through the first week of a New Year, not to mention the year that preceded it, and Boy… What a year it was!

In 2013, DeaFM Records released an LP, three EPs, five singles and a handful of covers, mixing Stoner/Doom, Garage Punk, Psych-Funk and a whole lot more into one dirty Desert Rock stew. If you haven’t heard this wild assortment, navigate over to DeaFM Records Bandcamp, crank some tunes, snag a t-shirt and snap up one of our limited, colored Artist Edition CDs. Furthermore, follow DeaFM Records here on Tumblr and Twitter (@DeaFMRecords) to stay keen on what’s in store.

What’s In Store in 2-0-1-4! (That was quick…): Full-length LPs from The Lone Sum (@TheLoneSum), The Dead Gear (@TheDeadGear), and perhaps the long-awaited double LP from The Rainbow’s Beard (@RainbowsBeard)… Plus, exciting EPs from The Saturn III (@TheSaturnIII) and The 45 Syndicate(@The45Syndicate) along with another sweet stack of digital singles from your favorite DeaFM artists as well as our weirdest and dearest friends. It oughta’ be a good’n, Folks. You’d better stay tuned!