29 August, 2013

"Shotgun Songs"
Available Now!

We told you we’d shoot, but you didn’t believe us… WHY DIDN’T YOU BELIEVE US?! Perhaps, because we advertised this album as being for sale almost a year ago…

Well, today’s the day, Folks!

Available now from DeaFM Record Co.…

"Shotgun Songs" (A Collection Of Impromptu Instrumentals)

Ages ago, we formulated a philosophy - creativity is community - and when our creative comrades are around, we’re inspired to be productive. With that in mind, we came up with an interesting idea to write and record (or “shotgun”) songs simultaneously. The rules were simple: Collaborate to create something out of nothing and don’t over-think; One song per session and absolutely no musical changes or overdubs are permitted after a session is finished. The end result is a snapshot of a few nights a few years ago with some fond friends of ours. It’s not supposed to be groundbreaking, but it is unique to the combination of performers during each of those memorable sessions. Now, you too can enjoy these performances as much as we do.