01 May, 2012

Summertime Rolls... And Rocks... And Rocks And Rolls And Rolls And Rocks.

Ah, Yes...

Summertime is upon us.

Clear skies... breezy weather... Rock 'n' Roll. In other words, it's time to set this record spinning. That's right. 2012 will be a "record" year for DeaFM Records and we'd like you to enjoy the ride, beginning with an album fit for the occasion.

The 45 Syndicate  - "Surf?!" [EP]

Modern melodies for a psychedelic beach party! The audio embodiment of intrigue and espionage! Instrumental swagger for the sharpest of swingers! Remember, Kids... "Those who go against the Syndicate lose... They lose BIG!" Don't cross this clan. Just dig it, Dandies!

Also coming soon from DeaFM Record Co....

The Shotgun Ensemble - "Shotgun Songs" [EP]

Impromptu instrumentals from the DeaFM laboratory, featuring the finest of talent our fortress can facilitate! Call it what you will... We're too busy basking in the beautiful sound of spontaneous subsistence.

The Thegns Of Io. - "Medieval Moon"

Highly anticipated proof of life on the Moon! Well... one of several. Behold, the first attempt to capture alien imitation of human artistic expression! It's interplanetary Pop... It's Space-Folk for the stars!

Oh, and Spain... But don't ask. It's a long story.

Old Man Kluesner - "Drunken Jesus"
(Pronounced "ohld man kleeznur")

A lost classic from the heartland of a nation... no knicks, knacks or paddy-whacks about it. This Old Man plays geetar, bass, the drums... the lot! He's even got a voice your kid brother will love. Now, listen up, Punks and get offa' the lawn!

The Rainbow's Beard - "Then Again"

The Complete Two-Disc Deluxe Full-Length Retrospective Debut from "the guys in the pink ties! Expect SURF! Expect PUNK! Expect FUNK! ... EXPECT LOUD! EXPECT FUZZY! EXPECT WEIRD... kinda'. Look to the sky... and expect The Rainbow's Beard.