13 October, 2014

The Saturn III - "Rising Son" [Single]
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Just in time for Halloween, The Saturn III have transmitted another tasty treat for your ears. Donning masks of another titan of the genre, our trio have kicked out a killer cover of Clutch’s deep-cut banger “Rising Son”, and in standard Saturn fashion, this tribute is clearly distinguishable from the original without losing any of its underlying essence. Highlighting the chorus, “Gravity is such a drag and we will not obey!”, the band holds true that sentiment as they continue to careen through outer space toward certain oblivion… So put your ear against the floor and hear a classic as you haven’t before.

04 October, 2014

The Dead Gear Release Teaser!

For those of you who may not follow us or our roster on twitter, The Dead Gear recently posted a mysterious image.

In appropriate black 'n' white, it reads "11|11" above "2014", teasing what is likely to be the most exciting DeaFM Records release of the year. Stay tuned for more details as they're revealed!