20 December, 2013

The LONESUM... LIVE! (Dec. 27th)

Do you like a little Rock with your Roll...? Do you like it live and raucous...? Then come on down to the Trunk Space Dec. 27th for some swingin' shenanigans from the likes of Beginnings (releasing brand new material!), Sidewalk Surfer, The LONESUM (in a very rare live appearance!), and Josh John!

It oughta' be groovy, Kids! Get there early!

13 December, 2013

The Shotgun Ensemble - "Extra Shells"
Available Now!

You never know what to expect on Friday, the 13th... Similarly unpredictable are the improvisational experiments of our very own Shotgun Ensemble. With that in mind, we're offering up some extra ammo for any of you listeners who may need to reload. It's a double-shot of improvised noise and it may just be the power-up you need. Now, kick out the jams and blow out your ears.