21 April, 2013

The Saturn III - "Saturn III" [Single]
Available Now!

As if illustrating their own sonic DNA, while maintaining a musical “rule of thirds”, The Saturn III has issued another arrangement of a classic (albeit “deep”) cut in their field. It should have been obvious that our fresh-faced space trio might reference their namesake, but what’s interesting is that they’ve actually cross-referenced two mediums, bridging a gap between what is arguably Fu Manchu’s most atmospheric banger and the B-movie flop by which it was likely inspired.

From their previous work, it’s apparent that the Saturn III aren’t content to merely “cover” great work verbatim, instead preferring to appropriate a source as if it were their own. By shifting sections like a melodic slide-puzzle and re-purposing rhythms for dynamic effect, they’ve successfully achieved an amalgam of their fuzzy three-part formula — One part Doom, another part Desert Rock and finally, Psychedelia — into a theme of sorts for their unique brand of noise.

05 April, 2013

The 45 Syndicate - "Surf?!" [EP]
Limited Artist Edition Available Now!

Today, an unexpected package arrived at headquarters. After it was thoroughly inspected by the bomb squad, we discovered its mysterious contents… 45 numbered copies of The 45 Syndicate’s debut EP “Surf?!”, pressed on beautiful BLUE plastic and housed in a miniature gatefold sleeve.

It looks like we’ve got a brand new product to push, so head on over to the Syndicate Bandcamp and snag one of these pretty little pieces before they disappear. Again, we’ve only got FORTY-FIVE of these gems… They won’t last very long!