28 December, 2014

The Dead Gear's Self-Titled Debut
Limited Artist Editions & "Gearhead Packages"
Available Now!

Strictly limited quantities of The Dead Gear’s self titled debut are available now and you can get your copy in an even more limited "Gearhead" package!

Here’s the skinny:

This definitive package for die-hard Dead Gear fans includes the self-titled debut along with original demos and a t-shirt (which were previously unavailable outside of close family and friends), plus a ‘seven-day’ devotional candle and bonus single with alternate tracks exclusive to this package.

These won’t last long, so join the club while you can!

13 December, 2014

The Saturn III - "Trio de Force" [EP]
Limited Artist Edition Available Now!
"Sunny Cellophane Veils Of Melancholy" [Single]

Desert rats and astronauts, heed the call!

"Trio de Force" by The Saturn III has entered our physical realm. Like the triple-shot of terror which preceded it, the band's sophomore EP is now available in a strictly limited quantity of only 33 copies and this time, the discs are RED as a robotic eye.

As if that weren't enough, the group has also offered up one more killer cover to rattle your ears before the year is out. Though it may seem a strange selection, "Sunny Cellophane Veils Of Melancholy" is actually an amalgamation of two psychedelic nuggets penned by The Status Quo in 1968 (before they traded their paisley pop for denim and distortion) and in standard 'S-III' fashion, the songs have been re-imagined and stitched together, illustrating a much darker reflection on death in the outer limits of one's own psyche. Download it now and reach for the sky or perhaps, discover what awaits on the other side.