28 November, 2013

Wi|helm - "Worst Way/The Friend" [Single]
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Well, it's Thanksgiving Day and we're feeling pretty lucky, but only in the "Worst Way"... See, we've made some truly great friends out there in the world and they've made some truly great music. But many of these tunes have gone unheard and that's a cryin' shame. Then again, it was with with that in mind that we started this little label, so because we're thankful for great friends and great songs, we'd like to give you a little something to be thankful for...

The debut single from Wi|helm presents a powerful picture of loneliness and isolation, while maintaining a strange sense of solace in sound. Though these two tracks are subtle and seemingly withdrawn, they also suggest an acute awareness of the world at large and the human compulsion to create within it. Are you feelin' lucky, Punk...? Then click the link and find a new Friend.