15 March, 2015

"Threedom" by The Saturn III + New Merch!

Did you miss the drop…? The Saturn III are back. “Threedom“ is available now.

Snag the record, then snap up the t-shirt to remind every one you know that you’re miles above them in both sound and style.


13 March, 2015

"Threedom" [EP] by The Saturn III Avaiable Now!

You never know what might happen on Friday the 13th and that's precisely why, with only the slightest hint, The Saturn III decided to drop their latest EP like villains revealing a secret weapon. Yes, today is the day and you never saw it coming.

Designed to catapult your senses straight into the sky, these thunderous tracks pick up right where "Trio de Force" left off. It's been said that happiness comes in threes... Well, now the trilogy is complete, so get higher than ever and enjoy the taste of "Threedom".