05 May, 2014

The 45 Syndicate - "Ransom" [EP]
Available Now!

They arrived at HQ without warning... Then set up their gear and got straight to work. They had devised a weapon of infectious rhythm and monstrous melody. Of course, they were gone as quickly as they had appeared, leaving behind a ticking surprise for the unsuspecting target: You. You will bob, you will shake, and you will fall victim. Although the band remains as elusive as ever, the explosive sound of The 45 Syndicate has been captured once again and it is more volatile and addictive than before. They have issued the Ransom and now, it is your job to comply. Buy... or die.

01 May, 2014

The LONESUM - "Vol. I/Vol. II" [LP/EP]
Limited Edition 2 CD Set Available Now!

Last week, The LONESUM decimated the Record Room. In their bag of tricks, they brought along a few very Limited Edition CD Sets for the intimate and excited crowd. After a killer a performance, the "Leftover Drive" is now available to you! That's right... Even if you missed out on the LONESUM live, you can still bring 'em back to your room, so get 'em while their hot and get in the groove.