20 December, 2013

The LONESUM... LIVE! (Dec. 27th)

Do you like a little Rock with your Roll...? Do you like it live and raucous...? Then come on down to the Trunk Space Dec. 27th for some swingin' shenanigans from the likes of Beginnings (releasing brand new material!), Sidewalk Surfer, The LONESUM (in a very rare live appearance!), and Josh John!

It oughta' be groovy, Kids! Get there early!

13 December, 2013

The Shotgun Ensemble - "Extra Shells"
Available Now!

You never know what to expect on Friday, the 13th... Similarly unpredictable are the improvisational experiments of our very own Shotgun Ensemble. With that in mind, we're offering up some extra ammo for any of you listeners who may need to reload. It's a double-shot of improvised noise and it may just be the power-up you need. Now, kick out the jams and blow out your ears.

28 November, 2013

Wi|helm - "Worst Way/The Friend" [Single]
Available Now!

Well, it's Thanksgiving Day and we're feeling pretty lucky, but only in the "Worst Way"... See, we've made some truly great friends out there in the world and they've made some truly great music. But many of these tunes have gone unheard and that's a cryin' shame. Then again, it was with with that in mind that we started this little label, so because we're thankful for great friends and great songs, we'd like to give you a little something to be thankful for...

The debut single from Wi|helm presents a powerful picture of loneliness and isolation, while maintaining a strange sense of solace in sound. Though these two tracks are subtle and seemingly withdrawn, they also suggest an acute awareness of the world at large and the human compulsion to create within it. Are you feelin' lucky, Punk...? Then click the link and find a new Friend.

31 October, 2013

The Saturn III - "III" [EP]
Limited Artist Edition Available Now!

Calling all Stoners, Spacemen, Rockers and Druids!

The Saturn III’s deafening debut EP has finally taken physical form and it’s available now in a strictly limited quantity of 33 pretty PURPLE copies. Like to hold your music in your hands…? Then, snap this up while you can!

25 October, 2013

The Lone Sum - "The Scream" [Single]
Available Now!

Hey there, all you creeps, creatures, freaks and weirdos!

Our favorite holiday is nearly upon us and The Lone Sum have served up a tasty little treat just in time for the party. Snap it up now and cackle with delight, then spin it in your playlist on Halloween night.

30 September, 2013

"Shotguns Songs"
Limited Artist Edition Available Now!

While seemingly everyone else spent yesterday predicting and/or watching the series finale of "Breaking Bad", we here at DeaFM were up to our crazy tricks...

This time last month, we released "Shotgun Songs": a collection of improvisational instrumentals. Now, for those who like a little Art with their Music, we're offering up that wild collection in physical form, on bright RED plastic, with accompanying illustrations by our weird and dear friend Wesley Griffith

Though we won't disclose how many of these gems were "pressed", we will tell you that there certainly aren't many, so get one now in case of emergency. You never know when you may need to lock and load.

21 September, 2013

The Lone Sum - "Summer/Oh, Well..." [Single]
Available Now!

Today marks the last day of Summer. Oh, Well… The Lone Sum captured it on record, so you can replay it over and over.

29 August, 2013

"Shotgun Songs"
Available Now!

We told you we’d shoot, but you didn’t believe us… WHY DIDN’T YOU BELIEVE US?! Perhaps, because we advertised this album as being for sale almost a year ago…

Well, today’s the day, Folks!

Available now from DeaFM Record Co.…

"Shotgun Songs" (A Collection Of Impromptu Instrumentals)

Ages ago, we formulated a philosophy - creativity is community - and when our creative comrades are around, we’re inspired to be productive. With that in mind, we came up with an interesting idea to write and record (or “shotgun”) songs simultaneously. The rules were simple: Collaborate to create something out of nothing and don’t over-think; One song per session and absolutely no musical changes or overdubs are permitted after a session is finished. The end result is a snapshot of a few nights a few years ago with some fond friends of ours. It’s not supposed to be groundbreaking, but it is unique to the combination of performers during each of those memorable sessions. Now, you too can enjoy these performances as much as we do.


21 April, 2013

The Saturn III - "Saturn III" [Single]
Available Now!

As if illustrating their own sonic DNA, while maintaining a musical “rule of thirds”, The Saturn III has issued another arrangement of a classic (albeit “deep”) cut in their field. It should have been obvious that our fresh-faced space trio might reference their namesake, but what’s interesting is that they’ve actually cross-referenced two mediums, bridging a gap between what is arguably Fu Manchu’s most atmospheric banger and the B-movie flop by which it was likely inspired.

From their previous work, it’s apparent that the Saturn III aren’t content to merely “cover” great work verbatim, instead preferring to appropriate a source as if it were their own. By shifting sections like a melodic slide-puzzle and re-purposing rhythms for dynamic effect, they’ve successfully achieved an amalgam of their fuzzy three-part formula — One part Doom, another part Desert Rock and finally, Psychedelia — into a theme of sorts for their unique brand of noise.

05 April, 2013

The 45 Syndicate - "Surf?!" [EP]
Limited Artist Edition Available Now!

Today, an unexpected package arrived at headquarters. After it was thoroughly inspected by the bomb squad, we discovered its mysterious contents… 45 numbered copies of The 45 Syndicate’s debut EP “Surf?!”, pressed on beautiful BLUE plastic and housed in a miniature gatefold sleeve.

It looks like we’ve got a brand new product to push, so head on over to the Syndicate Bandcamp and snag one of these pretty little pieces before they disappear. Again, we’ve only got FORTY-FIVE of these gems… They won’t last very long!

16 March, 2013

The Saturn III - "Out Of Focus" [Single]
Available Now!

Jim Morrison was once quoted as saying, “[Blue Cheer] is the single most powerful band I’ve ever seen”.

With that firmly in mind, The Saturn III have once again chosen to pay homage… this time, to a trio of giants. As one might expect, the results are bold and exciting as this rendition seeks to not only capture the power of titans in their prime, but just like Blue Cheer did so well with their own spectacular arrangement of Eddie Cochran’s “Summertime Blues”, emphasize the thrill of restoring a relative classic for the embrace and admiration of a new generation.

With fuzz on ‘full’ and style set to ‘stun’, The Saturn III have done it again… And they’ve only just begun.

03 March, 2013

The Saturn III - "Demon Lung" [Single]
Available Now!

To promote the release of The Saturn III’s upcoming demo (available for preview over at deafmrecords.bandcamp.com!), the band has offered up a unique rendition of a Stoner/Doom classic. As Danny ● Duoshade states on their BandCamp page…

“‘Demon Lung’ was the first single released by Electric Wizard in 1996 as a split with Our Haunted Kingdom (better known as Orange Goblin). It differs a bit from the Wizard’s more violent sound, but certainly maintains the fury of later releases.

Flash forward to 2013, the year of The Saturn III, who have chosen to perform this song not only as a tribute to Electric Wizard, but also as a celebration of the modest beginnings that occur before exploding into the atmosphere. Though a few liberties were taken both musically and lyrically, the III deliver a big bang not unfaithful to the source material, then leave the listener with only an option to look toward the sky for more.”

In other words, head on over and give a listen, then prepare for the sky to fall when The Saturn III drop their debut EP!

The Saturn III - "III" [EP]
Available Now!

The Saturn III - “[EP]”

This demonstration of force from our fresh-faced desert power trio is a triple shot of psychedelic sounds from deep within the ground, which we’ll shoot into cyber-space where it will orbit around. While each track is slow and hypnotic, not one of the three hold back any fury. Launch date’s in t-minus ten days time, so reach for the sky and prepare to hitch a ride.

12 February, 2013

The Thegns Of Io. - "Medieval Moon"
Available Now!

Available now!

Coming Soon From DeaFM Record Co.…

The Thegns Of Io. - “Medieval Moon”

Outer Space is a pretty strange place... But we're here to tell you, that ain't a bad thing. About seven years ago, a pair of robotic aliens crash landed in the desert. They had gotten lost somewhere over LA, thought they were in Spain, then stopped by DeaFM HQ to ask for directions. Little did they know that their course was about to change as they would abandon their mission and begin an earnest hunt for the Blues. The rest, as they say, is history... Or it would be if we weren't recording their experiments the entire time. That's what you can expect from "Medieval Moon" psychedelic experiments from a couple of outsiders attempting to understand their sonic surroundings. It's simultaneously over-the-top and under-the-radar, but all around enjoyable albeit a bit short-lived. Then again, you never hear stories about visitors from another world sticking around very long, so with that said, prepare to hear a tale from beyond and expect to want much more.

12 January, 2013

The Lone Sum - "Vol. II" [EP]
Available Now!

The Lone Sum - “Vol. II” [EP]

Before “Vol. I”, there was… “Vol. II”?! That’s right… And when it comes to The Lone Sum, we won’t argue semantics. See, past the nature of these numbers, lies an extended-play of eccentric proportion. Though the entire album won’t hit the web until February, you can preview the opening track right now, over at The Lone Sum Bandcamp… So follow the link and enjoy the jam, then be sure to mark your calendars. Come next month, it’s back to the garage!