16 March, 2013

The Saturn III - "Out Of Focus" [Single]
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Jim Morrison was once quoted as saying, “[Blue Cheer] is the single most powerful band I’ve ever seen”.

With that firmly in mind, The Saturn III have once again chosen to pay homage… this time, to a trio of giants. As one might expect, the results are bold and exciting as this rendition seeks to not only capture the power of titans in their prime, but just like Blue Cheer did so well with their own spectacular arrangement of Eddie Cochran’s “Summertime Blues”, emphasize the thrill of restoring a relative classic for the embrace and admiration of a new generation.

With fuzz on ‘full’ and style set to ‘stun’, The Saturn III have done it again… And they’ve only just begun.

03 March, 2013

The Saturn III - "Demon Lung" [Single]
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To promote the release of The Saturn III’s upcoming demo (available for preview over at deafmrecords.bandcamp.com!), the band has offered up a unique rendition of a Stoner/Doom classic. As Danny ● Duoshade states on their BandCamp page…

“‘Demon Lung’ was the first single released by Electric Wizard in 1996 as a split with Our Haunted Kingdom (better known as Orange Goblin). It differs a bit from the Wizard’s more violent sound, but certainly maintains the fury of later releases.

Flash forward to 2013, the year of The Saturn III, who have chosen to perform this song not only as a tribute to Electric Wizard, but also as a celebration of the modest beginnings that occur before exploding into the atmosphere. Though a few liberties were taken both musically and lyrically, the III deliver a big bang not unfaithful to the source material, then leave the listener with only an option to look toward the sky for more.”

In other words, head on over and give a listen, then prepare for the sky to fall when The Saturn III drop their debut EP!

The Saturn III - "III" [EP]
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The Saturn III - “[EP]”

This demonstration of force from our fresh-faced desert power trio is a triple shot of psychedelic sounds from deep within the ground, which we’ll shoot into cyber-space where it will orbit around. While each track is slow and hypnotic, not one of the three hold back any fury. Launch date’s in t-minus ten days time, so reach for the sky and prepare to hitch a ride.