01 January, 2016

What Went Down In 2015 and What's Up In 2016...

Happy New Year, all you freaks and weirdos!

In 2015, DeaFM Records released a double LP: “Then Again” the two-disc deluxe debut retrospective of The Rainbow’s Beard, two EPs: “Love In Veins“ by The Lone Sum and “Threedom“ by The Saturn III, along with a whole mess of covers by all three groups. If you haven’t heard any of that noise, navigate over to Bandcamp and dig them grooves, then share ‘em around.

We’re looking forward to another year, here at our desert HQ… Expect more from The Lone Sum, perhaps a return from The Dead Gear or the mysterious 45 Syndicate, and although rumor has it that The Saturn III may have finally been swallowed by that black hole they were exploring, we might just have a transmission from them to share here and there.

Stay tuned. Rave on.