26 January, 2015

Preview The LONESUM - "Beaten Pink, Blue & Green" Now!

Preview Track 2 from The Lone Sum's “Love In Veins” EP now!

"Beaten Pink, Blue & Green (By The Girl Of My Dreams)" is a love letter to Ramona Flowers in the vein of Sex Bob-Omb and at just over two minutes long, it’s a fuzzy shout-along to be replayed again and again until it’s beaten into your brain.

Listen via SoundCloud and download “Love In Veins” on Valentine’s Day via Bandcamp.

14 January, 2015

The LONESUM - "Love In Veins" [EP] Coming Soon!

The LONESUM have announced a brand new EP! According to the group's Bandcamp, "Love In Veins" is a short collection of "stylistic love letters to inspiring women of both real and fictional planes", perfect for the slated Valentine's release date! Listen to the first track now via SoundCloud and keep an ear out for a new track each week until the drop.

DeaFM Records on RedBubble + Two New Designs!

DeaFM Records merchandise is now available exclusively through RedBubble! Snap up a Saturn III t-shirt, a LONESUM tote bag, or represent the entire DeaFM roster with one (or both) of our latest designs. The first is a tribute to everybody's favorite Soul/Funk label and the second, an homage to our favorite brand of Noise. Get 'em now and wear 'em out 'til you've worn 'em out!

NOTE: Although listed as "Sold Out", merchandise advertised on Bandcamp is still available. Simply click the link in a product's description for redirection to RedBubble.

02 January, 2015

2014 Down, 2015 Lookin' Up!

Two LPs, a pair of EPs, seven covers and yet another pair of singles... In the end, 2014 shaped up quite nicely. If you haven't snapped up all of these aforementioned releases, do so now via Bandcamp. Otherwise, check out our new merch setup at RedBubble and keep up with new releases at our slick new website, DeaFMRecords.com.

2015 oughta' be a groovy one, Folks! As always, keep those eyes open and an ear to the ground.