31 March, 2014

The Saturn III - "Trio De Force [EP]"
Available Now!

Don’t be a Clown… Break out the Capsules and dive into the Nyborg. It’s time to embrace the cosmos and look the Void straight in its glowing red eye. The latest from The Saturn III is a terrifying force of nature. It’s a full-blown, fuzzed out ride. So buy your ticket, and buckle up for a triple shot of true sonic stimulation.

21 March, 2014

The LONESUM... Live! (Apr. 19)

In a little less than a month…

Featuring Music by the LONESUM!
April 19th, 2014 11:00-5:00PM
Fear Farm - PHX, AZ

13 March, 2014

Preview The Saturn III - "Clowns + Capsules" Now!

Today, only 1 thing is certain… Track 2 of The Saturn III's latest opus has been unveiled from behind the curtain. It's certified “Good for health”, but “Bad for education.” What's better…? There's more where this came from, so stay patient.