30 September, 2015

The Rainbow's Beard - "Then Again" Available Now!

Today’s the day…
“Then Again” by The Rainbow’s Beard is finally here!
Download it now and get LOUD, FUZZY, and KINDA’ WEIRD…

11 September, 2015

The Saturn III - "Mean Machine" [Single]
Available Now!

It's been THREE months since "Doomsday" and that marks a perfect opportunity for The Saturn III to release a slick new single in promotion of their most recent release, "Threedom".

"Mean Machine" was originally written and performed by The Last Poets in 1971 for their album "This Is Madness" as a spoken word piece with minimal percussive instrumentation. Featuring lyrical imagery such as "robot men" and "factories of insanity", it was a ferocious indictment against a society which at one time would have sounded like science fiction. But these dystopian themes are not unexplored amid The Saturn III's space-age doom, and it was with that in mind that the trio embarked on a sort of thought experiment to transform those acerbic words into a groovy, albeit dark tune for an even more advanced epoch.

Whether you hear it as contemporary commentary or simply psychedelic sci-fi, you can hear it now! Just use the latest gadget to download it via Bandcamp and while you're at it, exercise your "Threedom".